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Delete past events in Jomsocial

You are running a Joomla community based on Azrul´s Jomsocial with lots of events in it? Then you have a problem how you get the events out of the system again, when it is over. Jomsocial doesn´t delete passed events and so your database is growing and the entries are getting more and more confused.

Until now you had no choice - either you had to delete the events one by one or you had to work in the directly in the database with a tool like PhpMyAdmin. If that was to much work or for people without database knowledge it was a lost case.

In order to change that circumstances we have developed a Joomla plugin that does the job for you automatically and configurable!! With our JS Eventdelete plugin you can set after how much days the past events should be deleted. So if you want to keep all past events from the last month - no problem!

If you are using Joomla 2.5 you can also choose the event categories from which the events should be deleted automatically, so you can e.g. keep events from one (or more categories) and delete the events from the other categories.

A special thanks to the translators from – the plugin was translated into more than 20 languages within 48 hours – WOW!!!! THANKS!!!!

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