The main language of the site is German but actually I´m adding English as well.

For the moment not all contents are available in English.

I´m doing my best to get it done soon. Thanks for your patience!

New membership bundles to save your money

Lots of our customers have different memberships for more than one of our products. So nothing is more reasonable as to bundle our products and offer them for reduced price. From now on there are two new memberships available

Premium Bundle

We have bundled ALL our commercial extensions in this membership. For only 55.- Euro (+ 19% tax) you will get 180 days access to all our current and upcoming extensions. This bundle saves you more than 42%!!!

Community Bundle

We have bundled all our commercial extensions with relation to "Jomsocial" Community extension from iJoomla in this membership. For only 39.- Euro (+ 19% tax) you will get 180 days access to all our current and upcoming extensions which are depending to "Jomsocial".

This bundle saves you more than 40%!!!

In order to improve clarity of our products we have revised the products overwiev page and we have also added a product comparison page.

JS Community Search Plugin refactored from ground up

Lots of customer requests have led us to decide to think about the basic idea of our search plugin - to have all areas and settings of Jomsocial in ONE search plugin. We came to the conclusion that splitting the areas into own plugins has enormous advantages in performance and flexibility and so we did it - we refactored our search extension for Jomsocial Community from ground up.

JS Ultimate Photos – the ultimative module to show photos from Jomsocial

JS Ultimate PhotosIf you want to show photos from Azrul´s community extension Jomsocial in a module position you don´t have much possibilities and the one you have are not really flexible and they have some crucial disadvantages in performance.

With JS Ultimate Photos we are closing the gap! This extension offers a very flexible and lightning fast possibility to show photos from group- or useralbums in a moduel position. Furthermore you have lots of configuration settings to choose the albums from which the photos should be shown.

Image selections:

  • Groupcategories
  • Groups
  • Albums
  • Group and/or Userphotos
  • Hide private photos (Privacy)

We are not using the photos created by Jomsocial to show in our module but we are using our own - this is one of the killer features of our extension. Every time an image is uploaded in Jomsocial a plugin creates optimized images to show in the module. You can set the size and quality for the images. In this way we don´t need to scale the images and they are already in the desired size and quality you need to show in the module. No need to say that this is perfect for SEO and performance.

As this principle will only work with "new" images which are uploaded after the installation of JS Ultimate Photos we also have had to think about a way to get it work with "old" images, uplaoded before the installation of JS Ultimate Photos. The solution is an own component to create the images for the module from the existing photos in Jomsocial. With this component you can also recreate the images in another size or quality everytime there were changes with the module position and/or the template.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

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Custom redirects in Joomla with JS Custom Redirect

Some time ago, I´ve announced here new extensions. I´ll start with the JS Custom Redirect extension, it allows you customized redirects after Login and/or Logout from Joomla, it is compatible with Joomla 1.5 and 2.5.

This extension allows custom redirects after Login and/or Logout depending to your Jomsocial Profiletype, the XIPT Profiletype (Joomlaxi) or the Joomla Usergroup

You can choose between the following redirect targets:

  • Existing menu item
  • Existing Joomla article
  • Custom URL
  • Stay on the site (you´ve been before login)

JS Custom Redirect Membership   Documentation

Delete past events in Jomsocial

You are running a Joomla community based on Azrul´s Jomsocial with lots of events in it? Then you have a problem how you get the events out of the system again, when it is over. Jomsocial doesn´t delete passed events and so your database is growing and the entries are getting more and more confused.

Until now you had no choice - either you had to delete the events one by one or you had to work in the directly in the database with a tool like PhpMyAdmin. If that was to much work or for people without database knowledge it was a lost case.

In order to change that circumstances we have developed a Joomla plugin that does the job for you automatically and configurable!! With our JS Eventdelete plugin you can set after how much days the past events should be deleted. So if you want to keep all past events from the last month - no problem!

If you are using Joomla 2.5 you can also choose the event categories from which the events should be deleted automatically, so you can e.g. keep events from one (or more categories) and delete the events from the other categories.

A special thanks to the translators from – the plugin was translated into more than 20 languages within 48 hours – WOW!!!! THANKS!!!!

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